Most commonly grades used are ASTM- 416 , BS 5896 & EN 10138-3 and the common sizes: 9.53 ,12.7mm and15.24mm.


Dimensions of Reeless Coil for Seven - Wire Strand

GSS can supply Low relaxation Prestressed concrete stranded wires in dried and oiled condition based on the customer preferences, The Oil Used is water soluble and can be easily washed with plain water at site before operations.

Low relaxation strands are supplied in cheese coil from 1 to 4 MT based on the customer handling facility and requirement. These coils are suitably strapped for compactness and are palletized.The coil can be supplied either Eye to Side or Eye to Sky

The stranding end of the strand is separately identified and can be easily located in the coil.

Nominal Diameter of Strand

A B C Length per pack (Meter)
(Inches) Outside Diameter (MM) Inside Diameter (MM) Width
3/8 1400 Max 800 Min 750 Max 6705
7/16 4876
1/2 3657
0.6 2621

Handling and Storage

Low Relaxation PC Stranded wire must be handled and stored with care because of its criticality in usage and expected performance.

It is necessary follow precautions to ensure no damage takes place so that corrosion and damages are avoided,

For Storage on site
GSS Suggest and recommends following measures for proper storage and handling.


  • Unloading of PC Strands must be done by trained crane operator to avoid damage to the coils.
  • PC Strand must be stored in humid free atmosphere to avoid rusting & pitting.
  • PC Strands should be unloaded under shed or cover and must avoid direct contact with ground.
  • It must be stored for immediate usage on timber support covered with water proof sheet.
  • For storage outside, additionally it is desirable to keep bag of vapor phase inhibitor.
  • It is advisable to buy PC Strand eye to sky so that it can be stored one over above which helps in saving storage space.

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